About me?

I’m a PhD student at the University of Buenos Aires. I study Atmospheric Sciences applying data assimilation techniques to improve short-term forecasts of severe events in Argentina. I’m a trainer and instructor for The Carpentries and an RStudio certified instructor. I’ve also contributed to translations projects of Carpentries’ materials and the book Teaching Tech Together along with other R-related materials.

I’m part of Expedition Science, an Argentina-based NPO, where I lead educational projects such as science camps and workshops for students and K-12 science teachers. I’m a professor at the Data Sciences degree and postgraduate courses at Guillermo Brown University.

I’m also part of the R-Ladies Global team, the LatinR community, RForwards and I co-founded MetaDocencia, a teaching community for Spanish-speaking educators. I develop openly licensed materials to teach and learn R from scratch, reproducibility for researchers and other topics in free-range settings.

The image in the home page depicts Richardson’s “forecast factory” by L. Bengtsson. Richardson imagined a round theater filled with people who would calculate the finite differences at each point on the globe needed to solve the Navier Stoke equations and thus generate a weather forecast. The first 6-hour forecast took him a week and was totally wrong. Today we have very accurate forecasts that are generated hourly. However, they are still using the principles that Richardson envisioned.

Pao Corrales

Scientist and Educator